Tricon Precast offers a diverse product line "anchored" in a proven system of mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls. Our Retained Soil Wall System™, for example, is broadly accepted and widely available from Tricon Precast as well as our licensees throughout North America. Our prefabricated bridge systems, including Con-Struct™, Redi-Span™ and the Tricon Double-Tee are used in off-system roadway construction, commercial and residential developments, pedestrian crossings and more.

But there is much more to Tricon Precast than quality products. There's the proven ability to work closely with you on a wide range of public/private infrastructure projects and programs – from small county road bridges to classic D.O.T. highway construction. Only Tricon Precast offers the responsiveness necessary to meet the demands of today's largest design-build projects.

A network of precast concrete manufacturers, through licensing agreements, enables the Tricon systems to be available nationally and internationally. Tricon supports ongoing research and design of prestressed and precast concrete, along with construction and installation best practices. This, in combination with civil, structural and geotechnical engineering support from our Tricon Engineering Group, makes Tricon Precast the right choice for your next project.

Our innovative precast concrete solutions include:

Precast Bridge Systems
Precast Wall Systems
Precast Products
Engineering Services

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Tricon Precast: All Four Factors in One Precast Leader.

Quality. The promise that we deliver high-quality products every time.

Cost. The proven ability to work within customer budgets.

Capacity. The assurance that our supply will always be able to meet your demand.

Relationships. The support for customers that goes far beyond plant-produced precast systems.

Tricon Precast offers not only the highest level of precast product value, we also offer a total commitment to excellence and a shared company belief in the utmost quality in our work.

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