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Tricon Precast Wall Systems

From mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall structures to a portable free-standing wall system for bulk material storage, Tricon has the solution for all your walling needs. Whether your application demands that the wall meet stringent AASHTO specifications, be armored or blast resistant, or just a neighborhood's need for peace and quiet, we make certain that you will get a proven wall product that is strong and long-lasting first. That's the natural attribute of durable, high quality, plant produced precast concrete. Then to make certain that you receive the utmost advantage from our precast wall systems, we have engineered every design aspect for maximum efficiency. We create for you the most modern and efficient systems, known to lead the industry in their field constructability.

There is an aesthetic part to every wall project too and because the public's perception of your project comes from how it sees our product, we pay very close attention to this detail. Leading architects and outstanding engineers have taught us all that function doesn't have to be unattractive. From a truly smooth form finish to integrally colored concrete to masonry veneers and fancy form liner finishes, all Tricon wall systems can incorporate the look your project requires.

You can get strength, longevity, economy, and beauty in one wall system, a Tricon Precast Wall System.

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