precast concrete sound wall

Choices and Options: Reflective and Absorptive Sound Wall Systems

Precast Concrete Sound Wall Systems

Offering both reflective systems and absorptive systems, Tricon Precast is the leading producer of soundwalls in Texas. Three broad advantages mark Tricon Precast soundwall solutions as your most economically efficient choice:

  • Contractor-friendly post and panel design
  • Optimum element sizing
  • An array of aesthetic finishes.

Tricon Precast reflective soundwall system is designed to disrupt and reflect traffic noise from the face of the wall back into the surrounding environment. Many aesthetic options are available for this system through the use of formliners.

Tricon also produces the patented absorptive sound wall system "Whisper Wall" through an exclusive licensing agreement for the State of Texas from Coastal Precast Systems. This system is actually able to trap and dissipate noise energy. Environmentally engineered and manufactured, Whisper Wall combines controlled amounts of recycled tire chips with specialized aggregates, admixtures and cement. This distinctive composite barrier is recognized as one of the most resilient absorptive soundwall systems manufactured.

Our systems have been used in many TXDOT projects, commercial developments, residential areas and industrial security applications. The aesthetic options available through the use of formliners enhance projects while offering an effective and economical solution for sound reduction.

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