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Tricon Engineering Group Supports Our Customers

Very few precast companies have a full-service engineering firm embedded in its organization. Tricon Precast does.

Our Tricon Engineering Group is a complete structural and civil engineering firm licensed in most states. Our engineers are specialists in mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls and prefabricated bridges systems such as our Con-Struct™ and Redi-Span® Bridge Systems. They not only develop and refine solutions for precasting challenges of all kinds; they also function as the leading edge of precast product development.

Tricon Engineering Group helps the company as well as our licensees meet new demands and changing conditions with combinations of precast and cast-in-place. Because our engineers understand structural and fabrication issues completely, the Group effectively supports design work for Tricon Precast's engineered products. Because our team's background includes the Federal Highway Administration and DOT-type experience, it delivers both bridge and other transportation structure design from the foundations up.

We not only use it efficiently ourselves, but provide our engineering capabilities to other project managers and contractors as well as local government agencies.  We are totally fluent in AASHTO design – the exemplar of the FHWA guidelines. Even though standards may vary from state to state, our engineering capability means you get precast products and precast designs that meet individual state rules and specifications as well as federal guidelines and American Concrete Institute standards.

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