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Industrial Precast Concrete Products

There is much more to Tricon Industrial than quality precast concrete products. We offer the proven ability to work closely with you on a wide range of innovative precast solutions to solve your most pressing challenges. Tricon’s engineering professionals also help our industrial customers with a wide variety of unique alternatives, including facility support products, safety solutions, infrastructure improvements, temporary or permanent installations, shutdown and turnaround logistics products and much more. If you are looking to solve a challenge in the field, at your facility or in your plant – and conventional materials and/or processes just won’t work – consider an innovative precast concrete solution from Tricon Industrial.

Tricon Industrial provides an array of precast concrete products to serve our industrial customers. Whether we’re on an oil & gas production site, at a petrochemical plant, a refinery, or supporting a manufacturing facility, we have a variety of solutions that can solve your unique challenges. Our quality precast and prestressed concrete products can take just about any form, including concrete barriers and safety walls, concrete equipment pads, proprietary precast structural systems, pipe racks and crossovers, bridges and right-of-way solutions, storage systems, vapor walls and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Tricon Industrial provides innovative concrete products for a variety of industrial customer segments, including:

  • Petrochemical, Chemical and Refining
  • LNG
  • Oil & Gas – Upstream, Gas Gathering, Midstream, Distribution
  • Pipeline
  • Power Generation & Power Distribution
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • And More!

The Possibilities are Nearly Endless

If you are looking to solve a problem, improve a process, enhance safety, reduce downtime, or maximize production at your plant, facility or in the field, chances are that a precast concrete product can help.

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