precast redi-span concrete bridge

Efficiency and Economy in an Elegant, Timeless Arch Design

Redi-Span® ArchBridge System

Timeless in simplicity and grace, proven in efficiency, most surprising in economy, the Redi-Span® Arch Bridge System incorporates three-sided, arch topped, precast concrete elements in spans from 12' to 48'. Elements can be supported on simple cast-in-place spread footings for a natural stream bottom, full width channel inverts or even walled abutment and bents. Precast concrete headwall elements are match-cast to their end elements and field attached using a bolted connection. Wingwalls are typically designed utilizing the Tricon Retained Soil Wall System™.

The Redi-Span® Arch system provides an efficient and cost competitive three-sided culvert for public civil applications but with just a few economical aesthetic treatments such as formliner finishes, stone veneer applications, decorative railings, end scoring and key stones, can literally turn a culvert into a landscaping centerpiece for private developments.

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