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Ultra Modern Composite Design

Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System

The Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System offers a sleek, modern profile for a 21st century sustainable design. The system incorporates a unique composite element which uses continuous hot-dipped galvanized steel tub girders with a precast concrete deck. The patented element is unique in design and behaves as a prestressed bridge for a fraction of the cost. The steel tub girders are stressed into a camber in a special forming system and the concrete deck is precast to them creating the composite element. When lifted and set, the concrete deck goes into compression eliminating temperature and shrinkage cracks thereby providing superior protection to the underlying steel reinforcement. The system's precast concrete deck becomes the driving surface eliminating the need for a field applied, cast-in-place deck and/or wearing surface.

Thin superstructure depths, light weight elements requiring less foundation, durable driving surfaces, rapid deployment minimizing bridge closure time, and 100 year design life are just a few of the reasons to specify the Valmont Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System.

Vehicular spans to 60' are achievable using AASHTO LFD or LRFD criteria and pedestrian spans can easily exceed 100'.

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