precast concrete bridge

Tricon Precast Bridges Crossing Challenges

Tricon Precast offers our customers economical, low-maintenance bridge superstructure systems that solve important challenges:

  • How a bridging or crossing installation can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • How to economically meet a project's aesthetic requirements.
  • How local governments can afford to replace worn infrastructure.
  • How to competitively provide a long-term bridge solution.

You can review our range of proven, prestressed, precast bridge systems that meet the engineering and budgetary specifications of municipal and county governments, as well as commercial developers. Our Redi-Span™ Arch Bridge system, for example, provides our customers with an efficient and ecologically friendly solution to your construction needs. Our Con-Struct™ Prefabricated Bridge System is an ultra-modern, low-maintenance bridge superstructure system providing rapid installation for both vehicular and pedestrian applications.

Emerging technologies in the construction industry are combined with Tricon's precast concrete design expertise, its manufacturing capabilities and its North American supply network to deliver the answers.

Implementing one of the Tricon's bridge systems can give you lower costs, increased speed of construction and the quality and long design life of precast concrete in virtually any off-system bridge application.