precast concrete plank deck bridge installation

Economical Short Bridge Designs for Clear Spans up to 30 Feet

Plank-Deck™ Bridge System

An ideal solution for remote private and public applications, the Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System delivers safe, flexible and economical options for rapid bridge deployment. With minimal equipment and manpower required, this precast concrete bridge system can be erected and in use in one day. Once again, Tricon's customer-centric approach to solving on-site construction challenges has delivered a proven winner in the field.

The Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System consists of standardized precast concrete components; abutment/bent footings, riser sections and plank-deck slabs. The plank-deck elements incorporate the driving surface which means that no topping or wearing surface is required after installation. With the superstructure manufactured entirely of precast concrete, there is no cast in place concrete required on site. All standardized elements are sized to enable delivery to site in legal weight truckloads and the entire structure to be constructed and erected with a medium- sized track-hoe (Hyundai 380 or equivalent) and minimal personnel. These attributes make the Tricon Plank-Deck™ Bridge System ideal for remote locations and rapid deployment.

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