precast concrete bridge system

Proven Design for Clear Spans up to 78 Feet

Double-Tee Precast Bridge System

The Tricon Double-Tee Bridge System can be a very smart choice for off-system bridges requiring up to 80' clear spans. All the benefits of a precast superstructure are included such as: plant manufactured to the highest quality control standards using durable, economical, low maintenance concrete; designed to meet either AASHTO LFD or the new LFRD load rating criteria; can be manufactured and erected during inclimate weather speeding the fast track construction process; will not rust, rot or burn, and will outlast most other building materials, including wood and steel; a sensible choice for sustainable development. In addition to these very desirable attributes, the Tricon Double-Tee elements incorporate a thickened deck which provides the driving surface which means that a cast-in-place topping or wearing surface is not required with this element. Tricon produces these elements in 6', 7', and 8' widths with lengths up to 78'.

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