two stage precast concrete wall systems

A Wall System to Beat Settlement Changes

Two-Stage Wall System

The contractor-friendly Tricon Precast Two-Stage Wall System builds easily, erects quickly, and delivers a sturdy, proven solution to the challenges posed by poor soil conditions.

In fact, building retaining structures in a settlement-prone area is a big challenge for any contractor. Engineers, architects and contractors already know that traditional approaches like pile-supported cast-in-place structures, temporary surcharging, or super-compacting foundations are time-consuming and expensive.

Here's where using the Tricon Precast Two-Stage Wall System can be the smart play.  A permanent wire wall is erected months prior to attaching the concrete fascia panels to allow the reinforced soil mass time to settle.  In some cases, the earth mass may be built higher than what will ultimately be needed to surcharge the mass and accelerate settlement. 

Our Two-Stage Wall system is comprised of our Permanent Wire Wall System consisting of standard hot-dipped galvanized Tricon Retained Soil Wall System soil reinforcement mats connected to special hot-dipped galvanized permanent two stage facing mats. The facing mats are backed with six-ounce filter fabric prior to placing the specified backfill material. Backfill material for the permanent wire wall stage typically consists of crushed rock for the first two feet behind the facing mat with a specified compacted material beyond.

Once adequate settlement of the earth mass has been achieved, concrete fascia panels are erected using the unique Tricon Precast adjustable attachment hardware with the special two-stage facing mats. A concrete closure pour is cast (preferred method) or crushed rock is placed between the fascia panels and the permanent wire wall structure placed in lifts as the fascia panel wall is erected.

The user-friendly Tricon system simplifies two-stage wall construction and allows for a wide selection of facing options.

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