Precast Longitudinal Channeling Curb System

Longitudinal Channeling Curb System

Tricon Precast, Ltd together with our engineering firm TEG Civil, collaborated with the City of Houston, Jones & Carter Engineering, Toole Design, and Traffic Engineers, Inc. to design a system of precast concrete channelizers to be utilized for creating “high-comfort” bikeways within the City of Houston.

Precast is an economical choice as it is highly durable with minimal maintenance, paintable, elements can be moved, reconfigured and quickly replaced if ever damaged and the traffic disruption is greatly minimized versus cast in place channelizers.

Each precast curb is cast with (2) 1 ¼” dowel holes for anchoring. The system can be installed fully anchored, semi-anchored or anchor-free depending on the application. Our precast channelizers are cast in natural grey concrete. Painting, reflectors, delineation posts and even on-site installation are offered upon request.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Channelizers:

  • Highly durable with minimal maintenance
  • Paintable
  • Elements can be moved, reconfigured and quickly replaced if ever damaged
  • With three standard elements to choose from, our channelizers can be easily configured to meet your project layout - straight ends, one end rounded or both ends rounded
  • Uses:

  • Creating Dedicated Bike Lanes
  • Defining Pedestrian Walkways
  • Protected Turn Lanes
  • Roundabouts
  • Channelizing Vehicles in low speed areas
  • Parking Lots
  • Rental Car Facilities
  • School Pick-up / Drop-off Zones
  • Turn Lanes
  • Toll Booths
  • Special Event Layouts
  • For more information concerning the Longitudinal Channeling Curb System, please contact our sales professional Ann Tyler at .

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